26 JUNE 2018, Belgrade, Serbia

10:30 – 11:10 Registration & welcome coffee
11:10 – 11:30
Welcome and Opening Remarks
·Mr. Goran Knežević, Minister of Economy of the Republic of Serbia (tbc)
·Ms. Jadranka Joksimović, Minister of European Integration in the Government of the Republic of Serbia (tbc)
·H.E. Mr. Sem Fabrizi, Ambassador and Head of Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia
·Mr. Marko Čadez, President of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Serbia
11:30 – 12:15
Presentations – setting the scene
Short presentation and overview of WB EDIF
·Mr. Marco Marrone, Deputy Director EIF, WB EDIF coordinator
Economic overview of the region with the focus on SME and private sector development, main challenges and opportunities
·Prof Milica Uvalic, Full Professor in Economics at the University of Perugia
Panel: The view from the ground - short stories from SMEs benefitting under WB EDIF
·Mr. Luka Stanić, CEO of BG Reklam, Serbia
·Mr. Bogdan Mijović, Mbraintrain Co-founder, Serbia
·Mr. Mitko Andonov, Kolid S Team, FYR Macedonia
Moderator: Dubravka Negre, Head of EIB Regional Representation
12:15 – 13:00
Panel: Access to finance – finance providers perspective
Panel – main challenges in the region for the access to finance and opportunities WB EDIF brings; what works well, what is still needed, what could be improved - perspective from the financial providers.
·Mr. Jan Kobler, Enterprise Innovation Fund, Managing Partner
·Mr. Fabio Serri, Enterprise Expansion Fund, Regional Head, SME Finance and Development, Western Balkans, EBRD
·Mrs. Tatjana Damm, Competitiveness program, Associate banker, EBRD
·Mr. Martin Godemann, ProCredit Group Funding
·[tbd], EU-REPARIS, World Bank
Moderator: Mr. Gianluca Massimi, Head of division, EIF, WB EDIF coordinator
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch break
THE MAIN EVENT - The match-making
14:00 –17:00 B2F Business to Finance event


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