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  • Tuesday 14:00 - 17:00
DescriptionSefini llc. is young consulting company that operates in the field of support to MSME sector by offering Business Development Services -BDS and consulting for affordable and convenient funding, provided by banks or equity investors. Our consulting relates to IT solutions and conducting small companies through digitalization process as well. We are the SEE representative for international company that created MSME lending platform based on knowledge, information and various risks and scoring management tools.   We provide mentoring services to young entrepreneurs, and small businesses, indeed. Our background is related to the field of microfinance including providing  BDS support to entrepreneurs. Nowadays, our perspective is to advance our institution to provide support the companies and entrepreneurs with growth potential.
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CityBelgrade, Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 18 Google map
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          Advisory services

          We offer and provide counseling and mentoring services for small businesses, in the phase of launching and development phase. Counseling involves business analytics of overall processes.
          Parallel, We are SEE representative for international company that created digital solution - knowledge based platform for MSME lending.

          We request collaboration in the field of MSME support with international and banking institutions in terms of mutual relationship with small business clients, who can get high-quality non-financial support from us, and access to finance from banks and investors upon our recommendation.

          Keywords: Access to Finance; Business Development Services; Mentoring; Digitalization
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